Adventures in Roatan, Honduras


Located between the island of Guanaja and the island of Utila is Roatan, biggest of all the Honduras Bay Islands and known for housing the second largest coral reef in the entire world. Roatan is a location that has something for everyone, from the adventurous and energetic person, to the curious person, to the person who just wants to relax and enjoy the island stay.

For Adventure Seekers

Roatan Zip and Splash Beach Break – After meeting your driver at the pier, you will make your way to the west end of the island, approximately a 30 minute drive, where your exciting, Roatan Zip and Splash Beach Break adventure awaits. Lockers are available for your beach bag ($1 US per locker. Lockers can hold more than 1 bag)

After suiting up for your Roatan excursion, your professional guide will walk you through instructions and a safety briefing to make sure everyone is at ease before starting the zip adventure. Afraid of heights? Never zipped before? This is not a problem. They will walk you through every step of the way until you are zipping on your own.

Then it’s time to zip. Your Roatan zip line excursion is on a course set out over more than 25 acres of lush Roatan scenery, you will zip just under 2 miles of cable between numerous platforms. Zips range from a short 40 feet (it will surprise you) to more than 1250 feet at heights from 20 to more than 40 feet from the ground. Depending on the number in your group, your zip time will last between 50 to 70 minutes. New or experienced, young or old, by the end, you will be wanting more. Local staff will be on hand to take pictures for those wanting to purchase “proof” they actually did it.

After soaring through the sky, you will drive to the beach where you can splash in the sea at nearby West Bay. Here you will have approximately 1 1/2 hours to beach walk, swim, rent snorkel gear, or just zone out in a sunbeam, under a palm tree or at the nearby beach bar and restaurant where food and cold drinks can be purchased. Beach chairs are also available for rental. All too soon, it is time to return to reality. Your driver will meet you for the drive back to the cruise pier.

Exclusive Two-Tank Dive in South Island – Roatan is world famous with divers and you will discover why with this fun dive tour on the Meso-American Barrier Reef. Also known as the Great Mayan Reef, this massive marine region stretches over 700 miles along the coast of 5 countries. This area is home to the world’s second largest coral reef offering coral walls and wrecks.

Descend below the waves at Mary’s Place, Roatan’s most famous dive site, to survey an underwater paradise filled with an incredible array of sea sponges, rare black corals, delicate sea fans and more. The 100-foot plus swim-throughs are home to more than 500 species of fish and other marine life including sea turtles, Queen conch and whale sharks.

From there you will board the boat for a ride out to 1 of 2 popular shipwrecks, Mr. Bud or The Prince Albert (depending on conditions). Both wrecks are largely intact, and you will be able to freely explore either one without the need for lighting or special equipment. Roatan serves as an area of most returned-to dive sites in the world and you will soon discover why for yourself.

Mangrove Tunnel, Iguana Park and Snorkel – Leave the busy port behind as you meet up with your licensed, bilingual driver guide and board an air-conditioned vehicle for a ride out to Roatan’s east end. Your first stop will be in Oakridge where you will enter a boat for a ride through the Mangrove Tunnel. Imagine how the pirates used these tunnels for camouflaged transportation as you observe the mangroves’ ecosystem and see animals including iguanas and heron. Today the tunnels are used by locals as a quick way to get from town to town.

Continue on to Arch’s Iguana and Marine Reserve where you get to feed, play with, and take photos of dozens of native free-roaming green iguanas. While here your guide will share everything you ever wanted to know about iguanas, from what they eat to where they sleep. In the park’s aviary, you will be greeted by the sounds and sights of colorful parrots and macaws singing in the tree limbs overhead.

Make your way down to the water’s edge where you will have the chance to feed the tarpon fish. Then it’s on to the dock to get fitted with snorkeling gear and hop on the boat for a quick ride out to the reefs where an amazing underwater world full of colorful corals, dancing seagrasses, and tropical fish await you. Book this 4.5-hour family-friendly tour now and get ready to walk on the wild side of Roatan.

For Families

Glass Bottom Boat – Roatan Island is renowned the world over for its lush and vivid marine life. And you’ll see it all by glass-bottom boat on this Roatan excursion.

After meeting your driver at the pier area, you will travel approximately 30 minutes to reach your boat on Half Moon Bay, Bahamas on Roatan’s West End. As it is situated on the second-largest reef system in the world, Roatan’s claim to fame is under the sea off its coast. During your Roatan shore excursion, you will experience the magic and majesty of the reef from the comfort and security of your glass-bottom boat.

The boat is 44 feet long, 12 feet wide, is air-conditioned and accommodates 28 passengers. The viewing area can be reached by a narrow staircase leading from the upper deck down into the hull of the boat. Here, metal benches fold down so you can sit and watch the underwater world go by. The windows face out, offering a much larger viewing field than the traditional glass bottoms that only look down.

While keeping comfortable and dry, you will be able to be face-to-face with sea fauna, untouched reef systems, eels, sharks, and a whole host of fish species. It is an unforgettable experience observing, photographing, and simply being one with the underwater ecosystem like never before. Your glass bottom boat in Roatan lasts approximately 40 minutes. After the tour, you will have a few minutes to take pictures or purchase a refreshment before you are transferred back to the cruise pier.

Best of Roatan and Beach – This laid-back alternative to busy excursions packed with activities and tours still allows you to hit the main sites of Roatan, including Spanish Town, both “Roatan” signs, and Coxen Hole, the largest city on the island with an estimated population of 5,300.

Finish the day off with a relaxing afternoon at Sol y Mar Beach Club, a 9-acre private beach club offering several restaurants and bars, and amenities including beach chairs and umbrellas, palapas, showers, changing rooms, lockers, and wi-fi.

Animal Lovers

Roatan on the Wild Side – Departing from the pier on the South Shore of the island for your Roatan Wildlife Tour, you will first make your way towards the East End. Along the way you will hear of the island’s colorful history which includes Indians, slaves, invaders, pirates, buried gold, and a charming blend of cultures, people and languages. You may also see the wreck of ships along the coast on this Roatan shore excursion.

Your first stop is the Iguana Farm. The spiny-tailed iguana has long been the main ingredient in iguana stew, a local specialty. In 2004, the lizard was added to the endangered species list, but unfortunately can still be found on local menus.

Luckily, more than 2,700 iguanas have made their way to the Iguana Farm where they are free to roam without fear of becoming an entree. Although wild, iguanas are very docile and allow visitors to get up close to touch them and for photos. The farm is also home to a small marine park, toucans and other local animals.

You will then drive to the West End of the island where you will have the opportunity to see parrots, coati (also known as the Brazilian aardvark), island rabbits, deer, raccoons, sloths and more.

The highlight of this Roatan excursion stop is a fun animal interaction with the white-faced capuchin and black spider monkeys that reside here. You will get to hold, interact with, and pose for numerous photos with your new friends. Be forewarned, they are friendly, curious, and unpredictable.

Continue on along the West End, the tourist side of the island, with scuba diving centers, hotels, resorts, restaurants, beach clubs and tourist shops. Here you will have some free time on your own to walk along the white-sand beach, explore the tiny shops, or perhaps purchase some of the local cuisine or rum.

Returning to the pier area, you will have the opportunity to take photos and video of the South Shore from a dramatic lookout. You will pass through several more small communities before arriving in Coxen Hole, the capital of Roatan. From here you will be returned to the pier.

Horseback Riding, Monkeys, Sloths and Iguanas – Explore the wild side of Roatan via horseback and visit some of the island’s popular attractions when you book this exciting eco-tour and horseback riding excursion. You’ll visit the famed Archs Iguana Park and feed baby iguanas. Play with monkeys and sit by sloths at the exotic animal sanctuary, and trod down a trail through the rainforest and Caribbean waters atop a horse. It’s the perfect tour for exotic animal lovers and adventurers alike.

Start your adventure off with an air-conditioned ride to the famous Havana Beach. Hop on a Honduran horse and take an exciting trail ride through the rainforest.

Your next stop takes you to the famous Arch’s Iguana Park and Marine Reserve. Here, you’ll interact with Roatan native creatures, including playing with baby iguanas or just holding them in your arms. Discover unique facts about these spiny-tailed lizards from your expert bilingual tour guide, such as the types of foods they eat.

End your excursion with a visit to the monkey and sloth sanctuary. Get an up-close and personal view of exotic creatures, including the capuchin monkey, Roatan sloths, Roatan island rabbit, and more. Experience unforgettable moments, such as cuddling with Roatan sloths or playing with playful monkeys.

From a tropical rainforest ride atop Honduran horses to cuddling with cute sloths, there’s much to explore on this exciting shore excursion. Book your thrilling horseback ride and exotic animal sanctuary excursion today to experience a tour of a lifetime!

Private Tours

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