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Adventures in Sitka


Sitka is situated 95 miles South of Alaska’s capital city of Juneau, on the western coast of Baranof Island. It is the only city in southeastern Alaska which lies on the Pacific Ocean. The area was originally inhabited by Tlingit Indians, subsequently controlled by Russia and transferred to the United States in 1867. Sitka was the original capital of Alaska until 1906, when it was moved to the current capital of Juneau. Sitka has approx. 9,000 residents, with fishing, canning, lumber and tourism driving their economy.

For Adventure Seekers

Exclusive Harbor and Islands Guided Kayak Tour Picturesque Sitka is located in the most beautiful setting of any coastal community in Alaska, and it is an area rich in history and culture. This exciting kayak tour is designed to bring it to you. Your adventure begins with an equipment and safety orientation by your guides. You will then set out in your 2-person kayaks at a leisurely pace to explore sheltered waterways, harbors and coves. Sitka’s dependence on the sea will be fully evident as you paddle near fishermen, tug boat crews, and Coast Guard sailors all tending to their vessels. Beyond the harbor, you will explore island shores and kelp forests, while keeping an eye out for abundant wildlife above and below the water’s surface. You may also have the opportunity to visit a small aquarium and salmon hatchery, or even watch wild salmon gathering near a stream, preparing to spawn. Throughout the tour, your attentive, friendly guide will relate interesting stories about the area, explain the ecology of the forests and ocean, and point out wildlife and other interesting sights. Explore the natural beauty of Sitka in this unforgettable kayak tour.

For Families

Best of Sitka Get to know Alaska’s first capitol and experience this unique city through the eyes of a local guide, there is no better way to learn about a place you have never been. Your group is purposely kept to a small number of only 10 guests, allowing for a much more intimate and one-on-one experience with your friendly, knowledgeable and professional guide. Boldly existing between the mountains and the sea, Sitka is an island community where the arts flourish and an ancient native culture still thrives. Tlingit, Russian and American settlers have all called Sitka home. Today, cultural influences from all three groups remain. From viewing traditional dancing to hiking a totem-lined trail through the rainforest, visitors still experience the cultural richness that inspired Sitka’s 19th century nickname, the “Paris of the Pacific”. Begin your tour at the Harrigan Centennial Hall. Climb aboard a comfortable, full-size passenger van and begin to make your way south on Sitka’s road system. Always keep your eyes peeled as you might spot bald eagles in the tree-tops and Sitka black tail deer grazing on brush. Drive around Silver Bay, a body of water surrounded by high mountains where in the later months of the season humpback and minke whales can sometimes be seen here. With time and weather permitting, make a stop here for photos. Near the end of the road system you will arrive at The Fortress of the Bear. This non-profit rescue facility is home to seven Alaskan bears. Get up close and personal with the four rescued beautiful Alaskan coastal brown bears and three black bears, the only black bears on Baranof Island. This education and rescue center reside on an exquisite three-quarter acre habitat for orphaned brown bear cubs complete with covered viewing areas in a natural habitat setting which replicates Southeast Alaska. After spending time with the bears travel next to The Alaskan Raptor Center. This rehabilitation center for birds of prey has a state-of-the-art flight room and is home to multiple rescued eagles, owls and other birds of prey found in Southeast Alaska. To cap off this tour your final stop will be at Sitka National Historical Park. This protected area of temperate rain forest stretches out to a peninsula and offers multiple, easily accessible trail loops that contour Indian River and the Eastern Channel waters. Totem poles punctuate these trails. This park is also the site of a battle between the Sheetka Kwan Kiksadi Clan and Russian American troops, during the 19th century. Choose to walk through the park or visit the amazing cultural center, which offers its own onsite interpreters, as well as exhibits and demonstrations for traditional techniques such as carving, working with fur, beading, and metal working. A well-rounded introduction to all things Sitka awaits on this best of tour. Spend two hours being introduced to Southeast Alaska and still have time left to explore, shop and taste local cuisine on your own afterwards. Space is limited so book today as not to miss out.

For Animal Lovers

Whale Watching and Marine WildlifeThe city lies in a unique location, nestled between the Tongass temperate rain forest and the Alexander Archipelago. The waters here are home to an abundance of marine life such as sea lions, otters, seals and an array of birds. Almost nowhere else in Southeast Alaska can you see so many different animals that will all likely make an appearance. Sitka is also a stop for whales and orcas which feed on a variety of abundant sea life. Some 200 to 300 humpbacks visit the ocean waters around Sitka from July to December, drawn by the rich feeding grounds, and often settle here after visits to Southeast’s interior waterways. A few are year-round residents as several groups of them appear in early spring for the herring run. Join in on a very small, intimate group of no more than six guests and explore Alaska’s southeast waters aboard a 24-foot sea-worthy vessel with both an inside cabin and a forward and aft viewing deck. This allows for a truly personal experience as you explore coves, islands and search for an array of marine life. This 2-hour tour will provide you with a local, knowledgeable guide who is a US Coast Guard licensed captain with years of experience who will lead you to the very best viewing options based on the days weather and conditions. Spend a few hours on the waters around Sitka and join in on a whale watching and marine wildlife tour that will provide memories that will last a lifetime, book today and reserve your place.

Griffin Approved

We have never been to Sitka, so until June of 2022, we don’t have any insights. However, we have never been disappointed by a shore excursion in Alaska and Sitka is a large enough town that we’re sure you’ll be able to wander around and find something to do..

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