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White Pass Summit and Yukon Suspension Bridge For this Skagway excursion, bring your camera to capture the breathtaking scenery of White Pass Summit, Yukon suspension bridge, and the surrounding area. Your journey begins as your guide picks you up in a comfortable vehicle for a quick tour of Skagway’s historic district. This frontier mining town was a prime gateway for prospectors stampeding into Alaska to mine their fortunes during the Klondike Gold Rush in the late 1890s. Continue towards the Chilkoot Mountains and be surrounded by majestic, forest-studded mountain peaks and pristine blue lakes as you ascend into the White Pass Summit area. During this tour in Skagway, there will be many stops for you to enjoy the incredible views. Arrive at the Yukon Suspension Bridge and embrace your bravery as you walk across the bridge for one-of-a-kind views and photos of the Tutshi River Canyon and the raging rapids 57 feet below you. Take advantage of the many benches on the surrounding platform to quietly soak in the views while you learn about the gold rush as well as the area’s natural history then take a stroll amongst the alpine wildflowers gracing the boardwalk.
Chilkoot Lake State Park Kayaking & Wildlife Trip Break away from the crowds of Skagway for some unforgettable kayaking in a true naturalist’s paradise: Haines, Alaska. From Skagway, you will take a 45 minute trip on a motorized catamaran to Haines, where you will meet your wilderness guide. You will set out on a seaside drive to Chilkoot Lake State Park. This park has many highlights including Tlingit Indian cultural sites, a salmon-filled river flowing into the sea, and a turquoise lake surrounded by snow-capped mountains. During this Skagway cruise tour, keep an eye out for bald eagles, brown bears, and migratory birds. Once you arrive at Chilkoot Lake State Park, take in the scenery as you board your Easy Rider Beluga two-person sea kayaks. The kayaks hold up to 500 pounds total and are easy to learn to handle. Your expert guide will show you the basics of paddling. Outfitted with the proper gear, you will soon be gliding silently along the shores of the lake. This pristine lake is uncrowded, and the scenery is spectacular. Huge waterfalls spill off of the cliffs surrounding the lake, lush green forests crowd the shoreline, and wildlife abounds. Pause at the base of one of these waterfalls, where your guide will reveal the secret workings of the rainforest. Beginning in July, sockeye salmon spawn in one of the clear streams that feed into the lake. Eagles and bears are often attracted to this spot, and you will be able to view all the activity from your kayak. Total time on the lake is approximately 1 hour 30 minutes. Paddle back to shore and enjoy a box lunch before driving back to Haines. Once back in Haines, board the high-speed catamaran for your journey back to Skagway. Return to your ship filled with memories and photographs from an unforgettable adventure.
Ocean Raft AdventureStart this Ocean Raft Adventure in Skagway by outfitting yourself in the same gear worn by US Coast Guard rescue teams. Your one-piece exposure suit will keep you warm and dry throughout the trip, and fits right over your regular clothing. After you are outfitted for this Skagway shore trip, board the vessel in the Skagway boat harbor, right next to the cruise ship docks. After a brief safety orientation aboard the boat, race out into Taiya Inlet and begin your tour of North America’s longest and deepest Fjord. On this tour, you will be riding on the same type of boat used by U.S. Navy Seals and Coast Guard rescue teams. With its deep V hull surrounded by inflatable tubes, this boat is designed to deliver a comfortable ride in any ocean condition. Its special design allows you to get extra close to the shore while exploring hidden coves, waterfalls, beaches, and wildlife. You will straddle the custom shock-absorbing seats as you race by the steep rock walls of this spectacular fjord. On this fun filled ocean raft adventure in Skagway, your captain will make multiple stops for photo opportunities, and wildlife sightings are abundant. Eagles seem to be everywhere, and you should keep your eyes open looking for seals, mountain goats, and otters. Your US Coast Guard certified captains will provide a colorful narrative while under way, sharing their extensive knowledge of local animals, plants, history, and geology. On occasion, the captain will turn the engines off, allowing you to soak in the sights and sounds of this pristine Alaskan wilderness.

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Yukon Scenic Sightseeing Tour from Skagway – Your spectacular Yukon Sightseeing Tour begins with a narrated overview of Skagway’s Historic District. Then we follow the Klondike Highway out of Skagway, paralleling the original White Pass Trail and the White Pass & Yukon Railroad train ride. As you climb out of the valley you may see one of the trains climbing the pass. Crossing the White Pass Summit area, you will drive through the Tormented Valley with its unique landscape, and past majestic lakes and mountains of northwest British Columbia and into the southwest corner of the Yukon Territory. Your mini coach, unlike the large touring buses, can make stops in more places, offering you the chance for more photo stops. Although animal sightings can never be guaranteed, the further from civilization you go, the chances always improve. All too soon it is time to turn back towards Skagway.
Skagway City and White Pass Summit Sure to be a highlight of your Alaskan experience, the Skagway City and White Pass Summit Tour begins with a guided tour of Skagway’s Historic District in a mini-coach holding no more than 32 passengers. Your guide will explain why Skagway was known as the toughest town on Earth during the Klondike Gold Rush of 1897-99. On this Skagway excursion, you will visit historic points of interest such as the Pitchfork Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls. The Bridal Veil Falls are the trailhead for the “Valdez Goat Trail”, which is a section of the Trans Alaska Military Packtrain Trail, created during the Klondike Gold Rush. As you journey up the scenic Klondike Highway, you will travel parallel to the historic White Pass Trail much of the way to the 3,292 foot summit. Along this glacier carved valley are glaciers, thundering waterfalls, majestic mountain vistas and pristine wilderness. Once at the summit, you will descend into the daunting Tormented Valley in British Columbia, Canada. It is this area which inspired the classic authors Robert Service and Jack London. The Tormented Valley is an eco-tone; two separate ecosystems transform to become the other. After visiting this area of 300 to 400-year-old trees known as “Krummholz”, many of which are no taller than chest-high, you will return to Skagway.
Yukon Adventure and White Pass Scenic Railway – Delight in Skagway’s fascinating history and spectacular mountainous scenery as you travel to the White Pass Summit and into the Yukon. Ride via a vintage rail car along the White Pass & Yukon Route Railway hearing tales of the Klondike Gold Rush. Next, arrive at Fraser, British Columbia and board a motor coach across White Pass’ summit to Tutshi Canyon where you can cross the Yukon Suspension Bridge and enjoy a hearty bowl of bison chili.

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Haines Wilderness Odyssey by JetBoat – Where the Skagway road ends, the adventure begins on this excursion to the Bald Eagle Preserve near the quaint little town of Haines. Arrive by ferry and then bus 30 minutes to the preserve, where specially-designed riverboats comfortably transport you through the numerous channels of the Chilkat River and deep into the greatest bald eagle natural habitat in the world.
Liarsville Gold Rush Camp and Salmon Bake – Skagway and the Yukon–they have all the history and mystery of the Gold Rush from the past. Liarsville Camp was named for all of the journalists who came here during the Klondike Gold Rush and wrote their tall tales about the men seeking their fortunes and their struggles. There is a magic that still whirls around the air about this time when men risked their lives and left their loved ones to find the treasure buried in the rock. This well-preserved camp consists of the historic city of tents, the old saloon, bordello, and laundry tents. Antiques and vintage clothing left behind by the miners (and the ladies of the night) paint a vivid picture of the past. This is a great experience for family members of all ages. There’s room to explore here and time to enjoy the Liarsville Hippodrome where a cast of characters, we call them sourdoughs, will entertain you. So will the exhibits. To remind you that you are, yes, in Alaska, you can enjoy the waterfall and the gold panning.

Personal note – Skagway is a great little town to just wander. Their central shopping district is within walking distance of the port, with small, local shops and hands down the BEST fudge shop I have ever been to. We never go to Skagway without stopping for fudge! – Jen Griffin

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