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Proudly Supporting the 
Children’s Diabetes Foundation

Every reservation includes a donation to the CDF!

Booking Notes

Deposits. Norwegian’s deposits are REFUNDABLE.

  • All non Haven Suites: $250/pp.
  • Haven Suites: 10% of voyage fare


Final Payment is due by March, 15th, 2025 for our sailing. 

Payments. You can choose to make multiple payments through us or pay any remaining balance by the final payment date as a lump sum payment – whatever works best for you.  We do retain credit card information on a PCI compliant platform, so if you want us to charge a card we have on file, just drop us a quick e-mail with the amount you’d like charged and when.  We can take multiple payments with no additional cost. 

Group Amenities.  In addition to a donation to the Children’s Diabetes Foundation, our group has two amenities packages available – one requires you to pay gratuities, and the other does not.  We’ll ask which package you’d like added to your reservation.  

  • Option 1 requires you to pay 20% gratuities on the beverage package and specialty dining.
    • Unlimited Open Bar. $21.80/pp will be charged as a gratuity.  All adults on the reservation are required to take the package with very few exceptions. Minors will be provided with a soda package.
    • 2 free specialty restaurants for guests 1/2 on ocean view and above. $19.80/pp. gratuities, or 1 free specialty restaurant for guests 1/2 on inside rooms. 
    • 300 minutes wi-fi
    • $50 per shore excursion credit for guest 1
  • Option 2 has no additional costs or gratuities
    • 10 Photo Package
    • 300 minutes wi-fi
    • $50 per shore excursion credit for guest 1
    • $100 onboard credit

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