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Type 1 Diabetes is a unique situation. We understand the stress and strain it can put on a family, even if you’ve been doing this forever. We want this to be a positive environment where T1D families can come together. Think of it as a combination of diabetes camp and a family vacation all in one.
This cruise is open to anybody with a connection to Type 1 Diabetes. While typically this is the direct family of the T1D, it can include grandparents, aunts/uncles, and even friends who have been affected by your diagnosis.

Yes. Popular destinations like the Caribbean sell out relatively quickly. Additionally, there are restrictions on group sizes, limiting the number of cabins we can offer. While we would never pressure anyone into booking, reserving early is advisable. We monitor pricing all the way up to final payment, so if prices drop, we’ll request a price match.

Once you provide your basic information here, we will reach out and contact you personally to gather the required information. While most cruises require a $250 per person deposit, our group deposit is $500 per cabin, regardless of the number of passengers or cabin type.

All cabins we book feature a flat rate of $500 deposit per cabin, regardless of the category or quantity of passengers (typically $250/pp). We may have a limited number of group rate staterooms which will include a refundable deposit. Generally only a limited number of two-person staterooms are available with group rates. There are both refundable and non-refundable rate options for non-group rates, however the refundable rates are typically quite a bit higher.  We will quote the lowest cost non-refundable rates by default.  With non-refundable deposits, if you cancel or change ship/itinerary, there will be a $100/pp fee, with any remaining deposit converting to future cruise credit. Trip insurance may provide additional provisions for medical related cancellations.

Yes. After your initial deposit, we can process payments on group bookings. You will be provided with a final payment date, when all funds must be submitted, but you can make payments anytime between placing your deposit and the final payment date. Note that we never directly handle your money – all payments are processed directly by the vendor.

We are traveling on the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line ship, Allure of the Seas (ship’s registry: Bahamas). There are included food and beverage options, as well as the kids’ club, entertainment on board, and several amazing opportunities like the FlowRider surfing simulator, and zip line. If you would like, you can add on unlimited drink packages, or dine in one or more of the specialty restaurants for additional fees.

Being experienced cruisers, we have an intimate understanding of T1D needs while on board a ship. We will work with each participant to ensure that their unique needs are met, as well as working with Royal Caribbean. We can:

  • Help coordinate sharps containers and spare insulin storage (subject to availability)
  • Ensure that shoreside security is aware of the group and associated medical equipment during processing
  • Negotiate free access to CGM cloud servers for CGM wearer and one follower to continue receiving alerts
  • Meet with ships medical staff to make them aware of our group
  • Meet with ship’s Adventure Ocean staff to understand the unique care required
  • Meet with ship’s culinary staff to review specific dietary needs
  • Arrange a group seating for dinners (you can also choose alternative options)
  • Arrange casual gatherings
  • Arrange a cocktail party for our group


We have specifically chosen not to have a heavy medical focus, but rather provide an opportunity to just be “normal” around others going through a similar adventure.

We are Jennifer and Mike Griffin. We are the organizers, participants and travel agents responsible for all aspects of the cruise. Our teenage daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when she was 2 and we have been avid volunteers and supporters of numerous T1D organizations stretching from Colorado to California in that time.
We understand that traveling with a newly diagnosed child can be daunting. What should you bring? How will your kid respond to the travel? What about emergencies? We have you covered! In fact, all of this is why 1 Sweet Cruise is perfect for your first trip. You will be surrounded by people who can help out. Forgot your insulin? I did that once! Run out of Omnipods? We have extra!
We have been a diabetes family for many years ourselves but we remember a time when we were new. Having people around us that had been where we were was a lifesaver. Plus, the longer you’ve been doing this, the more you realize sometimes you just need a break!

YES PLEASE! Having people who have made it to the other side can be a inspiration to the parents dealing with stubborn teenagers or snack sneaking seven year olds.

No! We have specifically developed this to be a socialization and vacation atmosphere to encourage fun and simply being “normal” with like minded individuals. We will never share your personal information with third parties without express permission.

We have access to all cabin categories onboard, which includes:

  • Inside staterooms including some with virtual balcony
  • Ocean View including unique Boardwalk View and Central Park rooms
  • Balcony including unique Boardwalk View and Central Park rooms
  • 5+ passenger staterooms – limited quantities, so you’ll want to book these early!
  • Suites – several categories from Junior Suites up to two story Royal Loft Suite, featuring over 1,500 sq. ft. 
As part of our group amenities, at $50 per cabin will be donated to The Children’s Diabetes Foundation (CDF). We are not a non-profit organization, and the cost of your trip does not qualify as a tax deductable donation.

Following are the cancellation charges associated with the cruise as of March 1, 2021.

If your deposit is non-refundable, a $100/pp cancellation fee will apply, and the remainder of any deposit paid will convert to a Future Cruise Credit.

  • 90+ days No charge
  • 89-75 days 25%
  • 74-61 days 50%
  • 60-31 days 75%
  • 30 days or less 100%

Optional insurance is available and may affect what is refundable, and under what circumstances.

Generally, the base cruise fare includes a cabin, a selection of complimentary restaurants and non-alcoholic and non-soda beverages (self-serve water dispensers, juices, milk, tea, etc.). Additionally, a selection of onboard activities will be included. Royal Caribbean tends to provide most, if not all onboard activities at no additional charge. In addition to these included items, prepare for the following fees:

  • Gratuities. Suggested gratuities can either be pre-paid or are automatically added to your onboard account and charged to your card prior to disembarkation. The automatic daily gratuity currently charged is $14.50/pp per day for standard staterooms, and $17.50/pp per day for suite staterooms. Note that these rates are current as of 2/2021, however are subject to change. The gratuities are shared among dining services staff, stateroom attendants and other housekeeping services personnel. You can modify gratuities by visiting Guest Services while onboard. Prepaying gratuities through us at time of reservation can avoid any increase in these fees. 
  • Beverages: soda, alcohol, bottled water. All paid beverages are available a la carte, plus you can select from multiple alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage packages, currently ranging from $12.99/pp per day – $70/pp per day (pricing as of 2/2021. Prices subject to change)
  • Onboard gambling. Like most cruise ships, Allure of the Seas includes an onboard casino and Bingo games, which are available when at sea.
  • Onboard shopping. Like most cruise ships, Allure of the Seas includes a selection of tax and duty free shopping while at sea.
  • Specialty Dining. You can either pay a la carte, or purchase a specialty dining package in advance to save up to 40% vs. a la carte pricing. A large selection of complimentary restaurants are available, so specialty dining is purely optional.
  • Photos. Cruise lines are renowned for taking pictures throughout the cruise. Packages and a la carte pricing is available.
  • Shore excursions. We expect to offer a group-specific shore excursion, however you can choose from a variety of additional excursions as well.  Be aware that tours purchased from third parties at the docks will not guarantee your timely return to the ship, nor will the ship wait for you unless you are on an approved excursion. 
  • Transfers to/from hotels, airports, etc. We may be able to assist booking transfers to/from hotels and airports. Frequently rideshare options are available as well.
  • Arcade. Like many ships, Allure of the Seas includes an arcade, which is available at additional cost.
  • Pre/Post cruise activities. If you would like to come into Galveston early or stay an extra day or two to tour, we can help with those arrangements.
  • Travel Insurance. We highly recommend travel insurance, particularly when traveling with medically sensitive passengers. We will offer insurance options through our partners. We are required by CA law to offer travel insurance to all clients. 

This is not an exhaustive list and will not include all possible additional expenses. All prices subject to change and are not guaranteed.

We are in the unique position of owning a Cruise Planners franchise, which will be the exclusive travel agency associated with this cruise. We are not only the travel agents, but also the group organizers and participants, so we have a vested interest in making this an exceptional event, and will be looking after you each step of the way. Details of our travel agency are as follows: Cruise Planners | www.clearlycruising.com | 951.595.8995 and we are based in the Temecula Valley area in Southern California. FL ST#39068, CST# 2034468-50, HST# TAR-7058, WA ST# 603-399-504

Yes! Our objective is to change itineraries yearly to visit a variety of destinations.

Royal Caribbean typically runs monthly promotions. Don’t worry about paying attention though. We will always provide all available promotions and one of our unique services is to track pricing and automatically request any price reductions all the way up to final payment. 

One of our unique services is to monitor pricing and promotions all the way up to final payment, and if we identify a lower rate is available, we’ll request a price match.

Absolutely! We’d be happy to help organize a similar fundraising event, and we specialize in group travel. There are opportunities for local / regional events, particularly near cruise ports. We can also help coordinate land based group events. Please contact us for more details.  If you’d like to plan a similar event for your non-profit organization, please visit Plan A Fundraising Cruise.com

We have two recommended shore excursion vendors – Royal Caribbean, and Cruise Planners preferred shore excursion partner, Shore Excursions Group.  You can find the current Shore Excursions Group options for our sailing here.  Royal Caribbean excursions can be pre-booked via their online portal or onboard. We will generally offer at least one optional private group tour.  

Airlines have not worked with travel agencies for several decades now, so for domestic air, a travel agent can actually be more of a hindrance than help.  We do suggest looking at Royal Caribbean’s AIR2SEA option, which includes some unique perks not available from airlines directly. 

Weather: The hurricane season runs between June 1st and November 30th, with the peak months being August and September.  We specifically chose an earlier sailing to avoid the peak months.  Temperatures tend to run in the high 80’s and it is very humid.  As a tropical region, rain can occur at anytime. 

Effective September 5th, 2022, Royal Caribbean began allowing all guests, regardless of vaccination status, to sail on most itineraries, including ours. These protocols are subject to change, however as of 9/5/22

  • Vaccinated guests won’t have to take a pre-cruise test on cruises that are shorter than 10 nights (which includes ours)
  • Unvaccinated guests age 5 and up will need to test within 3 days before boarding, regardless of cruise length

Please refer to Royal Caribbean’s Healthy Sail Center for up-to-date protocols.  

Note that ports of call and individual vendors may have their own more or less restrictive protocols. 

Fun Fact:

This event was inspired by another amazing non-profit we’re associated with – Shining Stars Foundation and their annual Family Adventure – bringing together families facing similar health challenges to create lasting relationships.

Shining Stars provides recreation and social programs for children and their families challenged with childhood cancer or other life-threatening illnesses.

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