Travel Insurance

As California based travel advisors, we are required to offer travel insurance.  Travel insurance is optional.  Personally, we are fans of travel insurance, particularly with two immunocompromised kids. We offer two options for travel insurance: Allianz, which is Cruise Planners preferred travel insurance vendor, and Royal Caribbean’s travel insurance option. 

We are not insurance agents, so we are limited in the amount of advice we can provide.  Specific / detailed questions will need to be answered by the insurance provider:

  • Allianz: 866.840.0837
  • Royal Caribbean: see Program Plan Details via the link below for contact information.


Allianz products are priced based on your state, your age and the cost of the travel component(s) being covered (i.e. air travel, hotel, shore excursions).  We can only offer Allianz options to US residents.  The Allianz quotes provided on your cruise invoice / paperwork covers the cost of your cruise only. We can add other components to your Allianz policy (Allianz has a set of approved vendors they will cover).  Some coverage policies are only good if your entire trip is covered, so please read the brochures below carefully and reach out if you have any questions. 

Allianz is rolling out new products which contain epidemic enhancements.  Click here for FAQ’s regarding the new epidemic endorsement.  

  • Allianz Worldwide Travel Protection Brochure if you reside in one of the states listed below.  Epidemic enhancements have not yet rolled out to these states.  The expected roll-out date is included, for reference.
    • CO (10/5)
    • PA (10/5)
    • MO (12/7)
    • NY (pending approval)
    • WA (pending approval)
  • Allianz Worldwide Travel Protection Brochure for all other states, which includes the epidemic enhancements. Epidemic enhancements were launched between 4/6/21 and 8/3/21 for these states.

Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean insurance is managed by Arch Insurance Company.  Prices are based solely on the cost of your cruise.   This only covers the cruise portion of your vacation.  If you did not receive a quote for Royal Caribbean insurance on your cruise invoice / paperwork, we can look those rates up for you.  

  • Royal Caribbean Travel Protection Program
    • If you happen to reside outside the United States, select “Florida” from the drop-down.  When you reside outside the US, plan details are based on the location of Royal Caribbean’s HQ, which is Florida.
    • Note that MN, MO and NY Cancel For Any Reason benefits are handled differently due to state regulations and credits can be purchased separately.